The Birth of Baby Bands...

Baby Bands is so obvious that really, it’s a dumb idea, and we know it.

Typically, our focus is on our “day” jobs. We work in corporate sales and dental healthcare.

Because I travel a fair amount for my job, I sometimes amaze myself at how little I observe. For example, a few years ago most hotels/motels had not even heard of how they could expand the length of the shower curtain rod and bend it into a half moon shape and give the traveling public an additional 2 feet of space in the shower.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that almost every hotel on the planet had decided to adopt this new technology. I had been staying in hotels for years and it never even occurred to me that perhaps the shower was a little narrow….I missed a huge opportunity.

Never again……

With several toddlers in our house from time to time, we have to make a choice: either “baby proof” the entire house for safety purposes using common door latches and locks, or we could devise a new way of keeping our cabinet doors shut!

However, there was never any desire on our part to create and provide a solution to this problem. We were really just wanting to keep the little ones safe in our house.

Then one day, a little one was visiting and searching all through our house. Of course we were keeping a close watch on her, however, in the blink of an eye, she had opened a low cabinet and found something sharp, in less than 5 seconds she had cut her hand. Luckily, the cut was very small, but it brought to our attention of the dangers that are innocently waiting.

A short term fix was to gather as many elastic bands from the newspaper delivery and creatively wind them around the cabinet door handles and knobs. Then my “shower curtain” moment appeared! The idea of using household strength elastic bands was a good one, but what is required are 100% natural rubber, parachute quality rubber bands.

Now, can the average person run out and secure such high quality rubber bands? Nope.

And so now you too can experience the miracle of using a proper rubber band, that won’t break and will do the job over and over again.

The only disclaimer is that these bands, while available in many sizes, will NOT work for every cabinet or cupboard door. So, find a good way to use them. Avoid the cost and time consumption of adding locking hardware to your cabinets and use Baby Bands to safely and securely keep your cabinet doors shut!

Oh, one final very cool thing about Baby Bands...they won’t scratch the finish on your new cabinet doors.